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After all, it‘s all about your member’s interest
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"Since 2002, we've managed to reduce our management charges and claims by over 500,000$ annually besides having improved the control of our information, optimized our processes and cubbyhole the paid out in unjustified claims!"

The savings allowed us to maintain our group plan benefits intact and furthermore, it provided us with the means to improve our benefit coverage’s, such as disability, which now  better reflects our reality. "
Benoit Wolfe, Directeur administratif du Régime de Sécurité Sociale du Syndicat des Débardeurs, SCFP section locale 375

As manager within a union organization, the quality of services and satisfaction of your members towards your plan is certainly one of your main concerns making the administration a major stake for your organization.

The scale and reality of your operations incite you to look for solutions enabling you to improve, simplify and standardize certain practices within your organization while offering flexibility and compatibility to other systems already in place.

. But how to make better when it is about group insurance?

. Can one really slow down the increase of insurance cost?

. Is it possible to substantially reduce administrative costs associated with managing group benefits?

. How may I protect my union against E&O in regard with group benefit management?

. Should we extend or limit which mandate and which responsibilities we should assign to our actuary or advisor?

. Should we consider self insurance for part or all of our benefits?

. Should one outsource or assign in house resources to the administration of our regime in order to reduce our costs of management and improve efficiency?

. Do we have access to the right tools and human resources?

Here are few real and just questions ask by several hundred managers in Canada.

C-surance brings solutions and all the right tools for a healthy management of group insurances for your organization, your members and your professional service providers.

Do not look any further and take quality time to evaluate thoroughly our offer.  The more you will look the more you will appreciate the value of our proposition.

Your members will thank you for it!

Some of advantages :

. improves quality of services to your members

. Slow down the increase of premiums while reducing your costs of management.

. Ease the analysis process when renewing your contracts.

. Improve management of your portfolio according to your various regimes and collective agreements.

. Reduces the risks of E&O.

. Insures a better quality of the information for important decision-making.

. Automate multiple unproductive tasks.

. Provides an on-line real time access all your selected participants: members, advisors and actuaries, insurers, health providers, etc.

. Assures better management and follow-up of files or changes.

. Provides access to a world class solution.

 You have a CHOICE :

Based on your specific needs and the size of your organization, you can choose between :

  • Becoming a CLIENT and be in the ultimate driver’s seat. 


  • Acting as an INVITED GUEST to a certified C- advisor/actuary/carrier that will share their expertise and volume purchase power 

Whatever your choice, SEEK and DEMAND management and take profit both economically and technically.

Choosing the right Advisor/Actuary* will be paramount.  He must be proactive and in search of new way to protect YOUR interest.  The professionals have already invested for YOUR benefit to insure short, medium and long term saving by simplifying the management processes and the integrity of your information and calculations!

After all it is YOUR NAME and REPUTATION!

*MDI can provide a list of certified professional.

Three integrated and synchronized in real time modules: provides powerful and simplified tools to share the needed information in order to get a full evaluation the market opportunities that will respond to your specific needs.  With such efficiency and ease of use, he will be in a position to reduce your insurance management cost by reducing the traditional burden associated with access and management of the right information.

1) Service Module - Market researches

The Market researches module is designed to be used by your advisor or actuary.

Conceived to ease and accelerate the “go to” market evaluation of you plans, this module insures simplified input, sharing and communication of all the critical “Request for Proposal” information provided to carriers for underwriting purposes: list of employees and salary, detailed benefits plans, experience history, etc....

Once the carrier’s offers are in hand, you and your advisor will be able to view in a comparative mode and in minute details all the differences and/or compliances with your original “Request for Proposal” or “Current contract“.  Clear, structured and highlighted comparative tables will insure transparency and right decision making based on the products as much as on prices.

2) Service Module– Administration

The Administration service module allows you to input in real time any employee changes or request for changes.    One single command and can:

  • insure integrated contract management in either division/class, modular, Health Spending Account or Flexible (Flex) plan management mode;
  • generate single or multiple carrier(s)/sponsor invoicing,
  • calculate and optimize employer/employee contribution,
  • share information with your client HR or payroll system.

Under, we all work together for you:

  • If needed the advisor/actuary and carrier can be invited to insure plan design, employer’s contribution as well as setting up the specific business rules that apply to your needs.  Furthermore you can feel confident that a qualified professional will be available in real time to insure overview and support in your evolution and special needs.
  • As the sponsor, you will be able to make changes or request for changes with the certainty of supervision by your selected professional. will keep tracks and save full history of events over the years.  Making sure any and all important information will be available when needed. 

With a simple touch of the keyboard, you are from now on in full control of your information, on-line and in real time with all.  This is the end of manual, redundant and E&O prone processes…

3) Service Module - Adjudication

If and when needed you can access a powerful claim adjudication module.

This simplified and sophisticated adjudication module, allows for real time at source adjudication of claims.  You can select to manage internally or outsource to the provider of your choice.  Based on the proper configuration of the adjudication rules by a professional, the input of information is simplified as the system will make all the decisions. 

Conceived to process and automatically adjudicate claims, this highly simplified module brings powerful functions to set up rules, manage and analyze your claim history.  You can now select the services that you want to self insure or ASO and have access to the right tools to manage them efficiently and cost effectively.  

The advantage of such a service will be significant as, thanks to this module, your members will be assured better service at a reduced cost.

Gains will compound with time.  As the usage will become more common, the standardization of the process will make this service a must have.

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