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"Since 2002, we've managed to reduce our management charges and claims by over $500,000.00 annually besides having improved the control of our information, optimized our processes and cubbyhole the paid out in unjustified claims!"
Benoit Wolfe, Directeur administratif du Régime de Sécurité Sociale du
Syndicat des Débardeurs, SCFP section locale 375

"Group insurances, current business model is in my opinion dyslexic, low in productivity and expensive for the company: a big waste of time and money for all. With more than 1000 employees in 40 stores, 2 combined insurance contracts and the standard retail trade staff turnover, the daily management of group insurances as well as punctual efforts during renewals are a substantial task. I feel the  model is the solution "
Ginette Godbout, ex-CFO Guess Jeans du Canada

Large companies (+ 500 employees)
Medium-sized companies (100 to 500 employees)
Small firms

At MDI, we understand well the daily challenges faced by managers in regards to the management of their group insurance plan.

Our 26 years of experience and expertise bring you reliable, robust and complete solutions for an efficient group benefits management.

Our CLIENT CENTRIC solution, aims at reducing your operational costs, ease your burden by reducing redundancy and same information re-input.  Your partners work With you and For you, within YOUR SYSTEM. No matter the number of employees or industry you work in, helps you take back control!


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