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Newsletter - Volume II - Number 5 - Sept. 2004 

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Technological Innovation Trophy for C-surance.ca !
MDI received the highest honour in the "Technological Innovation" category for its C-surance.ca services. Thursday May 6th, the Laval Chamber of Commerce privileged MDI by awarding them the 2004 DUNAMIS trophy...

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Group Insurance… the power of control

Insurance profits are up over 700% and the industry is expecting increased premiums for 2004. With over 2.6 billion in profits for the insurance industry, where is all the money going ?

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C-surance.ca: Testimonials: Proof of Value...

EACH and EVERY ONE of the industry participants gets immediate benefits in term of efficiency and productivity. The ROI can be expected in WEEKS. This month here is the testimonials of a group benefit Employees manager...

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Increased Savings provides 1B$ insurance buying power…

C-surance.ca and its collaborative management technology allow companies to replace aging highly conservative operational paradigms. Rather than working on duplicating process, companies within the insurance industry can now focus on their core business, to increase their market share, concentrate on new products, personalised customer care and above all loyalty management programs for not only growing their business but keeping clients satisfied.

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Is group insurance sick ?!

For the fiduciary, group insurance is a necessary evil. With premiums on the rise and the needs for increased coverage becoming critical, the insurance industry is turning more and more to IT for solutions. The demographic evolution driven by the baby boomers…

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C-surance.ca provides a new operational platform that allows sharing responsibilities and data access. MDI created a service that captures the power of the WEB to implement the first insurance "Collaborative Commerce" service where each of the participants can work together within a UNIQUE and UNIVERSAL service.

Thank to C-surance.ca, the consumers could use some 1B$ in cost saving, that could be eliminated from the present inefficient business practices, to protect actual insurance coverage or even buy additional coverage. All of this while each of the other participant could find their own saving and gain.

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