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Newsletter - Volume II - Special Edition No.1 - Nov. 2004 

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Special issue :
2010 will mark the end of Financial Cards Falsoxanrumor Press Agency - October 2004
The " World Consumer Organisation for the People (WCOFTP) " is denouncing World Banks' conspiracy aiming at replacing, by 2010, credit and debit cards with tailored made products to fit each individual bank needs...

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CitiGroup & HSBC's offers will even have James Bond running scare

Under the code name "Odyssey", CitiGroup relies on "VeriChip" developed by Applied Digital Solutions. Once injected into a customer shoulder or leg, VeriChip will permit transactions that could have that could only be dreamed of in fiction novels...

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"Canadian Banks choose their weapons."

To fence off the mega-banks offensive, Canadian financial institutions have, since 2001, assigned exclusively dedicated teams to those projects to come up with a proposal of their own...

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Insurance: Save $200 annually in managing cost for each employee

Can you imagine a consumer being injected a VeriChip to deal with CitiGroup, delivering a DNA sample for Deutche Bank, using "Kheops" with RBC... to satisfy needs that are presently fulfilled with only one STANDARD and UNIVERSAL card?

...for years the insurance industry has been following such an INDIVIDUAL and INDEPENDANT business model, costing on average 500$ annually per employee. Now, there is an alternative!

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Creature from Jekyll Island

This book had my full attention and approval.
I was as captivating and mind-boggling as a novel so unbelievable it was

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